Monday, June 11, 2007

Some pics from the trip home...

The girls heading into lunch!
What a BIG girl!
Lindsay is wearing her "day at the beach" outfit. LOVE the hat!
If you can't tell in this photo we were playing a game called "Are you Smarter than a ONE year old?" Lindsay tossed her toys and eventually her paci off the right side of her car seat (over & over again). Grandma decided she was going to put an end to that. Lindsay had dental floss tied to her paci and then attached to her car seat for the trip home. Lindsay didn't seem to mind playing with the string and Grandma didn't have to worry about her tossing it anymore. WIN/WIN!
(don't worry...she was constantly supervised with the dental floss as Grandma was sitting next to her the whole ride home).
We got home Sunday evening and we're all very happy to be home safe & sound. It's good to be home! We're still doing the ton of laundry we brought back and getting back into the grind. Everything is pretty much back to normal, although our cat is still not "speaking to us".
They sure hold a grudge when you go out of town. Silent treatment bites!
When I have a bit more time I'll post a hodge podge of a few of my fave pics that didn't make the blog. As if you haven't had enough Lindsay photos we're almost a week out from the big BIRTHDAY and then the big BIRTHDAY BASH! It's going to be wild people!!
On a side note: here's wishing MBKIMMY lots of luck on the birth of her baby girl. She's probably already here by now. If anyone has any info please send it my way! Can't wait to see some photos. Here's hoping those itchy hives go away as quickly as they came!


Anonymous said...

haha-that's funny about the cat. i tell ya-cats are so fickle like that. they only love ya when they feel like it! glad you got home safe and sound!

Kimmie Kay said...

LOVE the day at the beach outfit and hat...Linds was stylin on the trip home. :)

Stephanie823 said...

Kim had baby Tatum yesterday. 7 lbs 5 oz and 21 inches long. Everyone is doing great!

Tara said...

Glad you're back. Linds has some great outfits.

Chris said...

Thanks Steph for the scoop on Kim...that's FANTASTIC!

Katy S. said...

Thanks for the saftey disclaimer with the floss and paci. The dog will love you no matter what. The cat will hold a grudge. That is why we have 2 dogs. Welcome home.