Saturday, June 2, 2007

Lindsay's First Trip to the Zoo

Today was Northside Volunteer Appreciation Day at the zoo. In past years Mike and I usually take Derek and Adam with us. This year Mike was busy with pre vacation duties so Karen and I took Lindsay. I wanted to get her pic on the statues of the lions since we have so many of Derek and Adam here. Lindsay was a bit afraid of the statues.
Check out her face here. She refused to let KK put her on one of the statues.
Here we are at the Pavillion and we ran into Tara and her son Evan. Lindsay and Evan had fun with each other. Evan will be six months old on 6/12 and it's hard to believe he and Lindsay are six months apart. In no time you won't even notice the six month difference between them.
Lindsay likes Evan
Tara & Lindsay
It was fun to swap babies for a few minutes. Evan is so sweet. I didn't have him long as you can see below.....................
KK had to take her turn! :P
Now we're off to the petting zoo. We saw sheep, goats & pigs here. Lindsay was a bit scared here too but eventually warmed up a bit and pet the goats.
Check out her body language here. Nothing doing...she has those feet firmly planted on Karen's leg.
Hey look at that....
I found a new friend!

Lindsay finally pets one of the old timers who politely sits there and takes it!
Check out her face here. Maybe we don't like it that much.
I loved this little black & white piggy! If you couldn't tell my black & white dog Freckles, my black dog Max and my black cat Midnight, I'm a sucker for black & white critters. I wanted to bring her home!
This one was cute too. Have you ever seen such a red headed pig?
The wild life show was fun. We had to make sure all of Lindsay's cheerios and such were stashed away so none of the birds of prey got any wise ideas.

Loved these colors!
Here is Mr. Elephant. Lindsay was not that into him. I do have to wonder all kids who grow up in Ga and come only to this zoo think elephants are ORANGE?
...and rhinos too?
Look! Lindsay spots a GIRAFFE!!!!
There he is having some lunch!

KK & Lindsay acting like the monkeys...
Nap time...we just couldn't hang anymore.
Thanks for going to the zoo Karen...we had a great time.

Once Lindsay passed out Karen and I spent some time watching the gorillas. Several of my pics came out too blury but here are the best ones.
Love this pic of the mama and her two babies.
All in all it was a successful day at the zoo. As usual Lindsay was an angel baby. It will be fun to take her next year and see how much she really gets in to it. Today was Karen's day to enjoy Lindsay as she won't get to see her for a week. This is why there are no pics of me here with Lindsay. I did have a few pics with her but they were during a top secret event that has to do with Father's Day so I can't post them just yet. Check back after Father's day and I will post what we were doing...
On a side note we are packed and ready to leave (thanks KAREN for helping out with Linds tonight) so I am off to bed. Myrtle Beach here we come! If all goes well I should be able to post some pics on Monday or Tuesday from the beach. If not, we'll see ya'll when we get back!


Kimmie Kay said...

The Zoo pics are awesome! Looks like Linds enjoys getting out in the world, even if she didn't dig the animals too much. :) Looking forward to the Beach pics...I can't go a whole week without a Lindsay fix, ha ha!

Anonymous said...

You took some awesome pictures! I have got to take Joe to the zoo now. He's never been! Love the ones of Evan too. Him and Lindsay are so freaking cute!!

Katy S. said...

Lindsay and Evan look so happy together! I love all the zoo pictures. Do you moonlight as a photographer for National Geographic???

Andrea said...

We just went to the zoo recently too and I wondered the same thing about kids seeing the animals up close for the first time covered in red georgia clay!

Tara said...

You too way more pics than me at the zoo. I took two pics of Mei Lan.