Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Hello from the beach!

If all goes well in a few minutes after this post I'll have some photos up. Just wanted to say we're here and we're having a great time.

Lindsay LOVES the ocean! She is becoming accepting of the sand and she's always liked the pool.

We have had two good nights of seafood so far. MBKimmie thanks for the rec's on the restaurants. We went to Nances the first night and Creek Ratz last night and really enjoyed both. Nances we had some issues with the scallops and had to send them back but Mike says their fried Oysters were the best he's ever had! Last night Creek Ratz didn't have scallops so I'm hoping to find some tonight!! But it was delicious...and I had crab cakes, fried shrimp and grouper bites so I didn't leave unhappy!

We're heading for one of those 120 item seafood buffet places tonight. I should find some scallops there. LIndsay has been eating great. She hardly wants her formula because she is eating so much table food.

Gotta run and let Mike try to get the camera software reloaded....check back in a bit.


Anonymous said...

just the thought of a 120 item seafood bar sounds awesome to me. i'd park myself next to the crab legs and eat'em till i couldn't breath!

MBKimmy said...

So sorry the scallops were no good, glad they took them back ... that does happen soemtimes at any place ... I am trying to get all my stuff tied up at work tomorrow so I can give you a call on Thursday ... Hope so!