Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Happy Birthday Lindsay!

Tonight we had dinner at the house and invited a few people over. Here is Megan our next door neighbor. Lindsay LOVES her! Megan was such a big helper when Lindsay was first born!
Birthday Girl!
Daddy had left over cupcake mix so he poured some in our mini iron skillet and made Lindsay a smash cake. Great job Daddy-it looks AWESOME!
Getting ready for dinner!
The gang...Megan, her grandma Edie, me, Karen & Lindsay. Uncle Paul and Aunt Agatha came over too. Unfortunately grandma and grandpa didn't make it over because grandpa was sick today. We missed you guys but we're glad we'll see you Sunday at the big party!
Lindsay takes a ride on her gift from mommy & daddy.
Happy Birthday! Elmo Rocks!
Honking the horn--just like mommy...tee,hee...
I'm heading over there.... out here I come!

Pit stop for some lovin' on my new stuffed toy I got from Miss Jackie at school today.
Here's what you've all been waiting for...THE CAKE PHOTOS!
Lindsay wasted no time. She just picked it up and went for it.
I was worried at first that she was going to throw it off the tray. NOPE! She's no fool. She dug right in!

Daddy bakes a good cake!
Check out those teeth marks on the top of the cake...crack me up. We forgot to mention in earlier blogs that our little vampiress cut another tooth this week. We're up to six teeth and number seven is in sight.

This looks about bite size to me!

Oh yeah!
Lindsay was pretty clean about her face. Mommy put that dash of icing on the tip of her nose.
Sugar High=Happy Baby!
All Done!
Well, maybe I'll squish just a little more between my fingers!

Lindsay had a great birthday. She got three gifts today from some of my coworkers and two gifts from her teachers at school. Edie and Megan also brought over a super cool leap frog Pooh book that Lindsay went crazy over. This kid is racking up I tell you! It is FUN TO BE ONE!

This morning when I woke Lindsay up to take her to school she sat up in her bed, removed her paci and said "HI" plain as day. TOO CUTE. She also gave ME a great birthday present by not crying when I dropped her off this morning! Thank you baby! It was hard for me to not be with her all day today. I'm off on Friday and we have a big weekend planned so I just couldn't take today off too. I don't think it phased her.

We're all very excited for her Birthday BBQ Bash up in Ellijay this weekend. Aunt Patti and Uncle Steve have gone all out preparing for her BIG CELEBRATION! Stay tuned for more pics next week from the party!

Kim blogged a Birthday Shout Out for Lindsay HERE if you want to check out her post.

Uncle Dave & Aunt Helen gave a shout out HERE for Lindsay too...

Thanks to everyone who blogged birthday wishes, who called and sent cards. We love you all and Lindsay says "GA GOO" which is Thank You in her baby talk.

Our baby was so pooped out after her little gathering tonight she downed her night, night bottle and fell asleep after one chorus of "Happy Birthday" from mommy and daddy.
Good night from the Bresnan house...I'm out!


Anonymous said...

Your husband makes one helluva cake, girl. that looked yummy. all of your pictures are awesome and i am so glad that lindsay had a great 1st birthday! it looks like she really likes the little souped up Elmo ride y'all got her. i love that pic of her pointing while she's driving.

Anonymous said...

I love the cake shots. Your hubby did a great job! Lindsay dug right in....I love's just no fun when they don't! She probably thinks that she has hit the high life what with all the cupcakes, cake, and toys!!!!! Glad that you guys had a great night.

Chris said...

Thanks! That was nothing compared to what Sunday will be! If her Uncle Steve has anything to do with it, I bet she'll be messier with her next cake! Yes, Daddy ROCKS! He did a lot for me yesterday while I was at work. All the ladies at daycare keep telling me they'll take him home...I'm like NOPE sorry He's OFF THE MARKET!
Lindsay does love her "FLY" Elmo wheels.

Kimmie Kay said...

Love the photos! Looks like a great night...Linds celebrated her bday in style. Happy Birthday Baby!

Anonymous said...

What an awesome montage of bday shots! So adorable!

Heather said...

Looks like a ton of fun! Birthdays are so cool when you're a kid.

MBKimmy said...

Love the pictures and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!