Thursday, June 14, 2007

Anniversary, Father's Day, Lindsay's Birthday

I guess in all the excitement of the birth last year I didn't realize that June is now DECEMBER.
Mike and I both have Christmas week birthdays and his brother does too. Now we have the major shopping season in June too. Our anniversary is June 15 (TOMORROW)! Father's Day will always fall right there and sometimes ON our anniversary. Lindsay's birthday is June 20 (NEXT WED- can't believe it) and will also fall on Father's Day about once every six years or so.
How did I not realize this???

So, I've been scrambling this week to buy Father's Day, birthday & anniversary cards and gifts. I realize as Lindsay gets older it's going to be all about her anyway. The birthdays are only going to get more expensive, right? So HERE is one of the things we got her for her first bday!
I totally have something COOL for Mike for Daddy's Day from Lindsay. I can't wait to post a pic of it on the blog. Best part about was FREE!! Seriously, that sounds bad but you'll understand when you see it next week. It took a ton of time but no money! He'll LOVE it and not just because it was free! Ha!ha!

Aunt KK and I went shopping yesterday for Lindsay's birthday and she got her a super cool musical activity table. Lindsay has a really cool table from her cousins but she won't stand at it. She'd rather sit and put the pieces in the bin. This one she's getting will promote the standing and pulling up. Thanks Aunt KK! Of course Aunt Karen is babysitting for us tomorrow night so Lindsay is getting her bday gift early so they can play together.

Is this the first post in ages where there isn't a pic of Lindsay? WOW...take a break people, we're going for broke next week with the BIRTHDAY BLOG!

Bye for now!


Anonymous said...

That leap frog table is really cool. lindsay's gonna love that. hope you have a wonderful anniversary and that y'all do something real special! june is crazy busy for y'all but sounds like a lot of fun too! have a good one!

Chris said...

Yeah, it's our five year and we're kind of like...we should be doing something big. But, we just got back from vacation and we're broke now. LOL! I think we're just doing dinner and a movie. Which as you know, is a treat!
We just bought Lindsay another $200.00 car seat (mike's been stretching the infant seat)so we're kind of like we need gates now too. I told him let's just do cards this year and go out. But he better remember that on the ten year! I want a trip or some BLING for TEN years. :)

Kimmie Kay said...

Yes, you are gonna be busy! I think it's a special thing that you will get to celebrate your anniversary, Father's Day and Lindsay's birthday at the same time some years. :)

Heather said...

The Leap Frog table is way cute. They have one at Elena's day care and the babies love it.

Good thing someone else got married in June. I've been told lately that getting married in the summer is crazy - it's too hot. I don't remember hot . . . but then I was kind of dazed. :)

Chris said...

I was worried I was going to roast in my dress. We had a record GORGEOUS day in 2002. It was so pretty and breezy and just perfect. That is one thing we both remember is how beautiful the day was...we couldn't have ordered it better. June is the best time to get married. I LOVED being a June bride!!!