Friday, May 11, 2007


My nephew Matthew turned 16 on May 5, 2007! Here is Lindsay waiting with him for a table at Boston's. This is everyone in my family's fave place to go for seafood in Orlando when we're there. Every time I go to Orlando I have to have my Boston's and my 7-11 SLURPEE!!!
We had a great dinner and Lindsay was so well behaved considering she had just been in her car seat for 8 1/2 hours.
Sorry your HAPPY BIRTHDAY on the blog is a little late Matthew. However, since we decided to come for it in person I'm hoping that was a better surprise!
Keep us posted on the driver's license and the car!


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, man! dang, 16! what's that like? ahhh, to be 16 again.... :)

Anonymous said...

Happy 16th Matthew from the Norman's! Yeah...let us know when you're on the road too, LOL! :)

Chris said...

Yeah, it won't be long before Kaley's on the road too!! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Finally, I got my license even while being distracted by a psycho man yelling "Get off my road!" during the whole test. Too bad I won't have a car for a while (a long while).