Saturday, March 24, 2007

Two faces of Lindsay

Here you go Missy...Lindsay posing for you in this outfit you love. She looks very cute but as you can see from the bottom photo she was NOT in the mood for photo time.
These were taken Thursday evening. We've had a busy week and I've been way too tired to blog. I promise more pics later this evening. We bought a new baby "gadget" today and tomorrow we're going to cousin Derek's 8th birthday party! See tribute to Derek March 30th on his actual birthday! :)
That's all for now...we have to get daddy some dinner before he goes to drive his Prom charter!


Anonymous said...

ahhh, poor lindsay! she still looks cute as always though! oh, how i remember the teething! :)
so, your husband's takin' some kids to prom tonite, eh? dang! i can't even remember my last prom. well, it was probably all the Zima i drank that nite. :)

Becky said...

Ha! I love how they can do a complete about-face in two seconds! So what's the gadget?

Chris said...

Yeah, that Zima was a killer back in the day...I could never remember nuthin....LOL!

Yes, hubby had to drive one tonight. He tries to be home on Saturday nights in case anything goes wrong and to be available for the other drivers. Tonight was one of those really busy ones with not enough people to work. Prom season is great for business but it stinks for family time! At least I have vacation to look forward to...the gadget isn't that exciting but I'm about to post some pics.