Saturday, March 3, 2007


First start with shameless plug for cereal.
Show Mom how happy we are about seeing the box!
Push it around the tray with one finger til it's nice and sticky...
CHEERIO! Lindsay has been practicing eating these for about a month now. For a long while we would drop them on the floor or just push them around. It seemed that although EVERYTHING else in her hands would go to her mouth she had not made the connection with Cheerios yet. Well, that is long past. We now LOVE Cheerios. So much that we have to finish all cheerios on the tray before eating anything else mommy or daddy may be trying to feed her.
Lindsay is doing a great job moving things around in her mouth now and chewing with her gums. We have slowly been introducing other foods to her. She has had mashed up "big people" vegtables, small pieces of bread, mashed potatoes, bananas and of course ice cream. Mommy is MUCH happier that the gagging and choking has stopped and it seems that Lindsay has learned to try to chew her food rather than swallow it whole.
Lindsay is now jabbering incessantly. She says da, da, da all day long. When she is fussy or mad she says "Ba da da" which cracks us up. Sometimes she gets a mum out. She is practicing her ma ma ma but we're just not there yet. Pretty much you can say any word under the sun to her, show her the item and she will repeat back " DA DA". Very frustrating for mommy but as you might imagine DADDY just grins from ear to ear. :)
Lindsay is not crawling or pulling up yet. She will scoot across the floor on her bottom to get where she wants to go. If you can picture a bunny hop sort of scoot that would be it. She is learning to sit back up from a laying position but only can do it on the couch or somewhere she has some leverage. She can get from a sit to a tummy position and scoot backward but has not figured out the "Crawl". She is very fidgety now and rolls all over you trying to get what she wants. She loves her Peek A Blocks, her baby rattles and anything with a tag on it. She is starting to giggle all the time now too. If you walk into a room or pick her up when she's excited she cracks up. These are all some of the newest things Miss Lindsay does. Hope you all enjoyed the pictures today. It was time for some fresh posts after all the sickness. It seems everyone in the house is doing much better these days. Lindsay only has two more days of antibiotics and Mike and I are finished with ours. This weekend we're going to brunch with Lindsay's BFF Graison and maybe we'll get some good pics from that.


Tara said...

Great post. Yay to Lindsay on the Cherrios.

Chris said...

Thanks! Been checking your blog. Need some new pics now that your back in town. I'm having Evan withdrawl! :)
Have a nice weekend!

Anonymous said...

she is such a doll! those eyes! Great pictures, Chris.

Kimmie Kay said...

You're outdid yourself, this is adorable! Yeah Lindsay, love the pics! :)

Anonymous said...

Very cute!! put the sheerios plug is shameless.. LOL! Just kidding! Love it! also the bonjove picture was a special treat too! LOL!