Friday, February 23, 2007

Sickness Update

Basically our whole house is sick again. Mike has a sinus infection (but at least it's not Strep) and Lindsay has a double ear infection. We seriously missed the boat on that one. I knew something was up last night as she did not have a good night's rest. However, I did not see a double ear infection coming. So, everyone is on antibiotics and we're all staying in this weekend and resting.

Please see below post for our Happy Birthday Shout Out to my dear sister Teresa!
Lindsay wanted to give her cyber hugs!! :)

Happy Weekend everyone!


Anonymous said...

ahhh, those pictures are adorable! happy b-day to your sis! and sorry that you are all sick! we had that recently too. Joe had a double ear infection, a sinus infection AND conjuctivitis all at the same time. and my hubbie and i were sick as well. no fun. hope you all are feeling better soon!

Tara said...

Sorry you are all sick. Get better soon! I need a healthy lunch buddy when I come back to work.

Anonymous said...

Hope you all are feeling better!